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All You Need To Know About A Psychic Phone Reading

Monday, October 26th, 2009

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Psychic Phone Reading

I have been offering a psychic phone reading for several years now and I have noticed a growing trend with this. In the past people have been reluctant to have this service and maybe this has been a trust issue or scepticism. People often ask me how is it possible to do a psychic phone reading when you don’t have someone sitting in front of you. I am not surprised that people ask this question because people normally think in a more tangible sense. If they cannot see something then it is hard to believe it and it is hard for them to understand how the channels of communication can work through the telephone connection.

When you think that we readily accept that radios and televisions are picking up invisible messages at different frequencies and are translating that information into sound and pictures. Other worlds exist that are in the same place as our radio and television signals but on different frequencies. A human being is a highly sensitive instrument that does more or less the same job as your tv or radio. We are all able to consciously or subconsciously tune into these frequencies and communicate with the spirits.

When I do a psychic phone reading I pick up the vibes of the person just as easily as I could do if they were sat in front of me. I am working on a different frequency and therefore I am able to pick up the messages from my guides who link to you and transmit their communication through me. When you consider that a psychic can have premonitions or pick up messages from the other side it is not so out of reach to imagine a psychic doing a psychic phone reading and picking up messages via a phone link.

The advantage to having a psychic phone reading is that you do not have to leave your home to have this reading. If you have children and you want your reading when they are in bed you wont have to worry about having a baby sitter. A reading carried out over the phone is just as good and confidential as a one to one personal reading. You may wish to remain anonymous and do not want your psychic to see you and a psychic phone reading gives you that extra sense of anonymity.

A psychic phone reading is also something that you can come back to at a later date, and once you have the reading it is much easier to book another reading. I deliver most of my readings by phone and several of my customers who used to visit me personally have been introduced to this service. I have even done a party plan over the telephone and this could be a great evening event for friends gathering together and they don’t have to have a spare room for the psychic.

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Where Can I Get A Free Psychic Tarot Card Reading

Monday, October 26th, 2009

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Free Psychic Tarot Card Reading

A great way to learn the tarot is by having a free psychic tarot card reading, this will not only bring you insight into your own future it can introduce you to the tarot. Most people find a free psychic tarot card reading with me to be very beneficial. They are able to find out so much more about themselves and without committing themselves financially. They are often so pleased with the information that they get from a free psychic tarot reading that they come back for a full reading.

Many people wonder what a free psychic tarot reading involves as they are more familiar with the term psychic reading or tarot reading rather than a combination of both. A free psychic tarot reading is give over the internet by email or psychic chat. I will explain each of them individually.The free psychic tarot reading which is offered by email is a one paragraph reading which allows the customer the opportunity to ask a single question. Once I receive their question by email I then type a paragraph to answer the question and deliver this by email. The divination tools are my own psychic ability linking with the spirit guides and selecting a tarot card on their question. This is why I call it a free psychic tarot reading rather than a tarot reading or psychic reading, the combination of the two works very well.

The free psychic tarot reading can also be offered by instant message chat system and this opens up the channels for two way conversation. You will get the first 3 minutes of your reading for free and as I am a very fast typist you get value for money. You will also get a lot more information for with the free psychic tarot reading by msn than you would in a paragraph by email.
The free psychic tarot reading is a great way to introduce my services to you and gives you the opportunity to decide whether to proceed with a more comprehensive reading. You can then take advantage of a range of other services which I have on special offer for existing customers. Many of my customers have been with me for several years and come from all walks of life and all over the world.

When I developed my website I researched my customers to find out what they would like to see on the website. The testimonials page has been developed to show people how highly my customers rate me and you can get an idea of your experience from what people have written.People often ask about my psychic development and how all this came about and I have a page which talks about my development and the people who have helped me on my psychic journey.

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Where To Get A Psychic Reading online

Monday, October 26th, 2009

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Psychic Reading Online

The ability to connect and communicate with the other side is often viewed with scepticism and some believe that only a chosen few have this ability. There are those who do not believe that there is anyone on the other side or the psychics can connect with another dimension.I would suggest that anyone who has never had a reading before and would just like to see what it is like would benefit from a psychic reading free online. You may wonder how on earth can that work out since you are used to thinking in a more tangible sense. There are various ways that you can get a psychic reading online free and I will explain a few of these methods.

There are computer generated readings via a website that has a tarot program and you click a button which shuffles the cards and gives you a spread and an interpretation. I have found that these readings can sometimes be uncannily accurate, however, I would prefer a more personalised reading. I believe that a proper psychic reading is done in person with a psychic receiving and processing your information.

When people come to my website they can get a psychic reading online free of charge for the first time they come to me. They send me their question by email and then I link in to their email address, their energy and their question. The information is sent back in a timely manner and it is a simple one paragraph answer which could in fact be quite detailed and very accurate and beneficial.

Many of my customers started out in this way as they did not know whether they would be able to make a link to me. Once they have had their free reading they often come back for a more comprehensive reading and become regular customers. If they had not had the opportunity for a psychic reading on line free of charge then we may have missed each other. Many of my customers have been with me for several years and they come from all walks of life. The advantage of working on line is that I can attract customers from all over the world.

Most of my psychic readings on line free of charge are done via email readings, however, I do sometimes offer other methods. There is a growing interest and increased popularity with the instant messenger chat readings, and I can offer the first 3 minutes psychic readings online free of charge. This is a great way to introduce people to this fast and convenient service and a lot of information can be covered via the chat system. It has the advantage of two way communication where questions can be answered and situations clarified.

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How To Get The Best Psychic Medium Reading

Monday, October 26th, 2009

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Best psychic Mediums

The ability to communicate with those on the other side has been subject to much controversy and whilst some people think that it’s a gift for a chosen through I believe we all have the ability to communicate with the other side. The best psychic mediums are the ones who can use a range of skills to bring you insight into your future. When I work I do not work purely as a medium and the reason for this is that the spirits may come through for a short period of time and then the reading would have to come to a close.

If someone came to me for a reading and said that they would like a mediumship reading I am happy to bring messages from the other side. I offer my psychic abilities to compliment this reading and so that they have a good session which would otherwise be cut short after a mediumship reading. The best psychic mediums in my opinion are the ones who bring through at least three pieces of information that relates to the individual’s past, present or future which they can confirm.

The best psychic mediums are skilled and very well educated in psychic matters and they will belong to a recognised organisation to confirm they meet a certain criteria for undertaking readings. The psychic mediums are able to bring messages from their guides who are spirit helpers that help them to connect with the spirit world and also bring guidance.

Many of the psychic mediums are guided by ancestors or relatives or by those from the high spiritual realms of light or angelic spheres. I have even known some of the best psychic mediums to work with beings from other planets and a large part of them can tap into and connect with the universal energy. The best psychic mediums can get divine messages from the angels who are also protectors of the celestial realm and the archangels who watch over us.

The best psychic mediums will be experts at meditation which involves achieving a relaxed state of mind and is a great way to help you to reach your higher self and connect with the spiritual helpers. The best psychic mediums will receive messages about the future through divination, they may use tarot cards, runes and even reading the tea leaves.

A psychic medium can also use a pendulum to dowse for yes and no answers to any questions. I have worked as a psychic medium on ghost hunts and I use my pendulum to show people where there is a presence. A pendulum and paranormal tracking equipment are very good at detecting a presence which could be picked up by a medium through divine means.

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Information On A Psychic Tarot Reading

Monday, October 26th, 2009

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Psychic Tarot Reading

When I give a reading I use a combination of tarot and my psychic abilities, and for this reason I offer out my services to do a psychic tarot reading rather than a tarot reading. There are some people who do tarot readings and they may not have psychic abilities they stick to the meanings of the tarot as laid out in the instructions when they purchase the cards.
I would like to explain a little about the way that I work with the tarot cards and you will see the benefits of a psychic tarot reading. When I purchased my first deck of cards I had every intention of learning each of the cards individually and reading them according to the instructions. The first pack that I purchased was ‘Tarot of the Old Path’ and they are very similar to the traditional tarot deck.

I took these cards away to Malta with me where I intended to have a break away on my own and spend some time learning the tarot. I had such a good time on holiday and met so many people that I did not have time to learn the tarot. I had made a friend on holiday and I told her that I was interested in developing my psychic ability and had come away to spend some time learning the tarot.

I did not get the opportunity to read the tarot while I was on holiday, however, we had a blackout and we were all gathered in the hotel foyer in darkness. We had been sat there for some time and people were starting to get restless and as the conversations were drying up we were trying to find something to keep us amused. My friend just blurted out to the people next to me that I was a psychic and this really grabbed their interest. One by one they handed me their items of jewellery so that I could do a psychometry reading.

I am so glad that I had that opportunity because it really helped me to develop my confidence as a psychic. The information that I got was very accurate and more and more people were gathering round for a reading. I developed my ability as a psychic first and then learned the meanings of the tarot at a later date and now I am able to offer my services to do psychic tarot reading.

Once I have put the cards out in a psychic tarot reading I get a general idea of where I am looking in a person’s life. I know that if I have swords in a psychic tarot reading then there is some conflict around this person and I associate cups with the emotions. The rods tell me that the issue relates to the career or business line and pentacles represent financial issues. In a psychic tarot reading I am combining what comes to me psychically with the information that comes to me through what the cards represent.

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Is It Worth Getting A free Psychic Reading

Monday, October 26th, 2009

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Free Online Psychic Reading

People who visit my website will see that they have the option to have a free online psychic reading. This is not a reading by telephone this is a short one paragraph answer to any particular question or a general reading in a paragraph. Many people who have had these free readings have found them to be uncannily apt and very fitting with their current situation.  The idea is to introduce myself and my services and to give a one of free insight into what information I can get through an online link. People wonder how I am able to link to someone online and give a free online psychic reading when there is no one sitting in front of me.

The free online psychic reading is received by email and once the person has established a link with me through email I am able to pick up on their energy. In fact a very strange thing often happens that I feel an urge to look on my computer for emails and a reading request drops in at that moment. The advantage to me to give a free online psychic reading is that I often win customers in this way and they tell their friends. Most of my customers become regulars and once they have had a reading with me they can receive monthly offers by email. Many of my customers take advantage of half price readings at various times and they are able to learn a lot more about psychic readings.

The free online reading can be a simple question which is answered in a paragraph, so a question such as: Do me and my current partner have a future? could be answered according to what I pick up psychically and sometimes in combination with using the tarot. As a rule I steer away from stating which card I have picked because certain cards such as the ‘Death’ card could make people feel scared.

I prefer to say something like; the cards say that you and this man have covered quite a lot of ground and the foundations you have set down now are going to bring you closer to the long term future you seek. If I selected the ‘Death’ card for their situation, it would most likely mean that it is the ending of a cycle in the relationship and the birth of something new in the relationship this could even mean marriage.

I have witnessed changes in my client’s over time when they come to see me, they often talk about the experience of the reading. Some people say they feel as if their wheels have been oiled and certain areas in their lives where they felt stuck suddenly seem to fall into place. They gain confidence and there is a noticeable shift in their being over time and they feel uplifted from the readings. It is amazing when you consider they may have first come to me out of curiosity to have a free online reading.


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Information On How To Get A Live Psychic Reading

Monday, October 26th, 2009

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Free Live Psychic Reading

Until relatively recently it would have been very difficult to obtain a free live psychic reading unless you knew a psychic personally. These days psychics work in many different ways and are more readily available and particularly over the internet. You are more likely to get a free live psychic reading over the internet and this is often offered as an introduction to a whole range of psychic services. There are some computer generated tarot programs available online which give you a free live psychic reading, however, nothing really compares with a personal one to one session.

The ability to do psychic readings is often treated with scepticism or at best it is seen as an extraordinary gift bestowed on a chosen few. It is human nature to be suspicious of anything that we cannot see with the naked eye and we want tangible proof that something exists. It is incredible that we don’t question the fact that radio waves exist to broadcast programs on a radio frequency. Television can transmit a program to our living rooms through sound and pictures and we don’t question the invisible messages translated through these frequencies.
When people approach me for a free live psychic reading I find that quite often they are quite sceptical and just want to test my abilities. I am fine with that and I usually link in to them straight away and give them some evidence of my abilities instantly. Once they have confidence in my abilities they relax into the reading and get great benefit from it. They return time and again for a reading and they often invite their friends to have one too, and I usually offer them a free live psychic reading too.

The free live psychic readings are usually about 10 minutes in length as the idea is to introduce myself and my abilities. I offer basic readings which are about 20 minutes and also in depth readings which are about 30 minutes. This gives people the choice about how much they want to spend and how much time they want to spend having a reading.
I sometimes offer a combination reading where they can have a basic reading with tarot and then another kind of reading such as psychometry or crystal ball or another tarot reading. These readings last about 45 minutes and they give the opportunity to look more deeply at specific areas, for example, I may do a love spread following on from a general reading. I sometimes do question and answer sessions where I use the pendulum to give a Yes and No answer to a specific question. This is very good for lost items, and giving general guidance when there is a decision to make.

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Looking For The Best Psychic

Monday, October 26th, 2009

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How do you know who the best psychics are? I think that it is down to personal preference and I think a lot of it is to do with the link that they have with you. I find that my best readings are with people who are open minded and willing to see the bigger picture in their lives. People who are realistic in their expectations are likely to get the best out of the reading and their own intuition will assist them greatly.

The best psychics will have the ability to make you feel relaxed and will take on board any particular issues that you wish to cover in a reading. The best psychics know through experience that if you are relaxed then the reading is likely to flow a lot smoother than if you were tense. The psychic should have the ability to lift your spirits and empower you to see the options in front of you and make choices.

The best psychics have the ability to tune into you and bring you information without asking questions which could then lead the reading. The best psychics will bring you evidence of some kind that they can link into you and see what is happening around you. If you are seeking proof of life after death then you should consult a medium or psychic medium.

The best psychics are not necessarily the ones in the limelight on the television, it is a matter of personal taste. You would want your reading to be kept confidential and for the psychic to adhere to certain standards and guidelines. In my opinion the best psychics are the ones who are registered with some governing body such as British Astrological and Psychic Society, Psychic Registration Board or Spiritual Workers Association.

These psychics are likely to be interested in maintaining a regular client base and quality is essential for this. They will keep to strict guidelines and they are likely to keep up to date with courses and spiritual development. The best psychics care about you and they care about their reputation and they do not cross the line between professional and personal relationship with their clients.
The best psychics will often have regular client’s and a proven track record, there will be testimonials. They may even direct you to contact someone who they have done a reading for in the past. The best psychics are the ones with the best reputation and often word of mouth can be more reliable than approaching a psychic through an advert. You should also remember that sometimes a psychic can be great for one person and not able to make such a good link with another. The best psychic for you is the one that you feel drawn to intuitively because your guide will have picked that psychic for you for a reason. Whether the reading goes well or not, everything is sent to you for a particular reason and there is always something to learn from a reading.

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Looking For A Psychic Tarot Reading

Monday, October 26th, 2009

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The art or reading tea-leaves is called Tasseography and it goes back thousands of years to ancient China when tea was first drunk. The practice developed when tea drinkers started to interpret the shapes of the tea leaves that were left in the bottom of their cups and they found they could predict the future from this.

I have never given a reading using the tea leaves as most of the time I give a psychic tarot reading over the telephone or in person. I do sometimes give a psychic tarot reading in person when someone wants to come and see me or if they want me to go out to them. I do enjoy doing regular party plan readings where there are a group of women gathered together for an evening of psychic tarot reading.

When I was at school I was introduced to a lady who read the tea leaves, I got to know her because we were sent to help the elderly in their homes as part of a community program. This lady was well known in the area for reading the tea leaves and I spent a lot of time with her. I would look into the tea leaves and wonder how on earth she could get so much information from them. I would secretly wish she would give me her powers and although I never asked for this directly from her, I do believe this lady had a great impact on my spiritual evolvement.
I was invited to go to the spiritualist church in London with this lady and I really enjoyed going there with her, she was part of a little community there and I quickly made friends. I was not able to go as often as I would have liked, and I realise now that I was to develop my psychic ability independent from the spiritualist church. Night after night I would practice putting playing cards out and guessing which card would come next and I was starting to get them right. I would also do abstract art where I would just draw a picture of what came into my mind, and then I would do an interpretation on the pictures.

I eventually bought a pack of tarot cards and I would look at the cards and go with my first instincts about what I could pick up from the cards. When doing a psychic tarot reading you are thinking in pictures and the emphasis is on going with what you feel rather than what you think. This was the hardest part of learning to do a psychic tarot reading because like most people my mind was trained to think logically. It took a lot of practice and eventually through meditation and learning from other psychics I was able to perform some of the most amazing psychic tarot readings.

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How To Get A Free Tarot Reading

Monday, October 26th, 2009

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There are a few web sites that offer a free tarot card reading and in my experience these operate in different ways. Some websites have computer generated programs where you can have a spread which is bought to you via an online program. I am a little sceptical about these readings and I certainly would not rely on the accuracy of them.
I would prefer a free reading with a Psychic who reads the Tarot card clairvoyantly or who has trained to do the free tarot card reading. It takes a lot of time and discipline to learn the various different tarot cards and spreads and I combine clairvoyance with interpreting the cards.
I offer a free tarot card reading on my web site and I explain that the customer will get a paragraph on a particular question. They send their question to me by email and I then tune into the cards and deliver the reading by email.
I see this as a good way of introducing how I work to the potential customer, and they can have a burning question answered in a timely manner. Many of my regular customers started out with me in this way and now I have several customers who have in depth email readings with me.

My customers are very flexible as although they originally came to me for a free tarot card reading they will be quite happy to switch to having a more comprehensive reading where I use other tools. Quite often I perform Mediumship readings, interpret their dreams, and use my psychic ability to assist them with lost items or people.
As I link with their name and their question I receive my information Clairvoyantly, I am shown scenarios, symbols and pointers through working with my Spirit Guide. I also draw a card for their questions and this card reveals to me where you are at in your life, what is influencing you, and the possible outcome.
The information that I get can be very complex and I type this up as fully as I can and often there are two possible outcomes depending on the course of action you take. I would describe the experience of linking to the guides, looking at your life path as similar to looking on a map and seeing where you are going.

I can see the things that are coming up on the map if you take a particular course of action, however, you have ‘Free Will’ to change anything that is mentioned. For example, I could say to you that on this path I can see an obstacle around your career and the best way to deal with this is by drawing on inner strength and determination. If you do this then the outcome is likely to be a successful prospect in your current situation.

You may however, decide that you do not want to face this head on and instead to take a different path. This path will take you on a different route to your ultimate destiny, and you will encounter new challenges.

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