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Psychic Tarot Love Readings

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

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Tarot Love Readings

Tarot love readings are my speciality and I have helped so many people through relationship issues. I have even helped people to find their soul mate and given a detailed description of who they are. Many people come to me when they experience a setback in the relationship or they simply don’t understand why things are not happening for them. Whatever their question I can work with my spirit guides and the tarot cards to make the most of the tarot love readings.

When I am using pure clairvoyance love readings rather than tarot love readings I am often shown scenes and symbols which can tell me a lot about what is going on. I will give an example of a lady who asked me whether her lover was going to come back to her. I was shown a scene of a man who had crossed water, the water is symbolic of the emotions and he was now on dry land. He was then stood still looking at where he had come from and was considering going back again. I told the lady that he was in a state of review and he had not completely walked away from the relationship. I also saw that he could not see anyone waiting for him on the other side of the water, and I told the lady to let him know that she will wait for him and set a deadline.

When I do Tarot Love Readings I use my Tarot Cards to bring any messages to you about your soul mate and this includes who they are and where you are likely to find them. Tarot Love Readings are very popular most people want to know about their love life and Tarot Love Readings bring so much comfort to those who have suffered a broken relationship.

The Soul Mate Tarot spread can give you insight into your relationship and the dynamics within that relationship. There are three pairs of cards that form the centre of the reading.
The first two cards look at the emotional aspects and relays the feelings that you and your partner have about the relationship. This could include your hopes and dreams and any obstacles that you are experiencing such as an emotional block between you.

The second pair of cards shows what your partner may think of you, as well as bringing to light any obstacles that restrict the potential to be happy in the relationship.

The third pair is concerned with your partner’s expectations of the relationship. There are six cards which are preceded by your Significator dealt first and this card indicates the present situation and then there is the Soul Mate card. This card will give you insight into your soul mate and tell you who they are and where you should look for them. As you read the rest of the cards in the spread you will uncover hidden messages in that card.

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Getting The Best Psychic Readings

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

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Truth Psychic Readings

There are so many talented psychics out there waiting to bring guidance to spiritual seekers. There is also a lot of scepticism around psychic readings and sometimes the psychic can have a hard time of it trying to prove their abilities. Truth Psychic Readings are the ones that bring you evidence of a specific aspect of the sitters life. Quite often I find that the pendulum dowsing method brings the best truth psychic readings.

There are so many divination tools that can be used for psychic readings and to name a few the ones I use are tarot cards, dream analysis, crystal ball, angel cards, clairvoyance and mediumship. I often combine clairvoyance with interpreting the tarot or angel cards and then follow up any direct yes or no questions with a little pendulum dowsing.

If you come to a reading with the expectation that there will be a quick fix to your particular problem then you may be disappointed. If you are expected a decision to be taken out of your hands and for the psychic to make a decision for you then you are likely to go away empty handed.

Truth psychic readings are about honest, trustworthy, credible and genuine psychic readings. The psychic brings you guidance through working with spirits, spirit guides and the angels. They bring you the truth psychic readings through channelling the energy and passing on their messages.

The psychic’s job is to empower you to make choices and enlighten you so that you can see your way. I have been bringing psychic readings to my client’s for over 20 years and one thing they quickly learn from me is that the power remains with them.

I describe my ability to see where they are in life and where they are headed as similar to looking on a map. I can see where you are placed on the map and that if you take a particular route then you are likely to encounter certain situations that I see coming up on that route.

I do tell people that nothing is set in stone because you have the power to change anything that is shown to you in a reading. You have what is known as ‘free will’ to say ‘well no I am just not going to let that happen’! This is why it is still worth while coming for a psychic reading because we can warn you about a certain course of action and possible outcome.

The question I always ask my clients is ‘can you handle the truth’? because I give accurate and honest advice. Truth psychic readings are all about integrity and honesty and not telling people what they want to hear. If you have a relationship issue and you want to know if you are going to get back to your partner I will tell you the truth. I do not believe in giving people false hope so that they put their life on hold for a relationship that is not going to happen.

Truth psychic readings are all about bringing you the reading as it is and not messing with the information that is received.

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How To Get Tarot Card Readings

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

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Destiny Tarot Card Readings

I sometimes advertise under the name ‘Destiny Told’ and when people text me a question they use the keyword ‘Destiny’ this is the trigger word that gets them straight through to me. When I do one of my Destiny Tarot Card Readings I choose my tarot spread according to the question that you have asked.
If someone has come to me for the first time and they are seeking a comprehensive reading then one of my favourite Destiny Tarot Card Readings is ‘The Tree of Life’ spread. The two decks used for this Tarot reading are ‘The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck’ or ‘Thoth Tarot Deck’ and these are the two most commonly used decks in a Tarot reading. To perform the reading you ask the sitter to focus their energy on the cards and shuffle the deck. As they are shuffling the cards their whole life up to the present is swept up into the cards and any hopes, dreams and fears about the future with this.

One of my other favourite Destiny Tarot Card Readings is ‘Tarot of the old path spread’ I use this spread to clarify the past and identify the present and look at emotional issues influencing factors relating to the past, present and future. This is a spread that is very popular and this can be quite a comprehensive reading.

Here are some examples of my interpretations of some of the Destiny Tarot Card Readings:

Tarot of the Old Path Reading

Past Line – The Queen of Swords indicates that there is triumph over adversity you are likely to overcome life’s obstacles, with the Page of Cups on the past line you are likely to address emotional issues and you can turn things around in the future. The Fool card indicates that you are a risk taker and no matter what is put on your path you are going to confront issues head on and overcome them successfully. The Hanged Man and where it is positions indicates that you may linger on a path which is a certain course of action for far too long. This could relate to a relationship that you need to make a decision about.

Present Line – The Two of Swords indicates that there is someone who you are in direct conflict with and you have an equal footing with this person this means neither of you is better than the other. There is likely to be a truce over this situation and coming to a more satisfying conclusion putting in a good positing of the future. The Three of Cups indicates a love triangle and a decision must be made about this issue. The Two of Pentacles indicates that you are going to be getting a firm grip on your financial area there is a business opportunity coming. The Six of Rods indicates that your career is about to be thrown into the limelight you wont be disappointed there will be so many options available to you soon.

Future Line – The Five of Cups indicates that there is emotional fulfilment of the highest possible achievement in the future. The Two of cups indicates equality in a relationship there is compromise and give and take and things will be good in the future. The Empress indicates a reward is coming for past patience and understanding you are moving forwards in the future. The Magician is symbolic of your Guardian Angel working closely with you helping to bring you guidance and insight to your situations in the future.

The Destiny Tarot Card Readings can be done by email, sms, telephone or in person and I have even done my Destiny Tarot Card Readings by instant message.

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How To Get Real Psychic Readings

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

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Real Psychic Readings

When people come to me for a psychic reading by email they are not sure what to expect from the reading. I would like to give an example of some real psychic readings that I have done by email and SMS These are real readings with real situations and you can see that there is quite a lot of information that can be given with real psychic readings by SMS.

Here is a paragraph example of one of the real psychic readings undertaken by SMS: ‘It may look like things are stagnant where your love life is concerned but it is important to prepare yourself as you will soon be moving forwards. There are some important developments are taking shape and bringing you a new direction in your life so step up to the plate’. Here is a paragraph from one of the real psychic readings by email which is based around a boyfriend where there are some difficulties in the relationship:

There is a lot of confusion around your boyfriend right now and he is battling confusing conditions and he seems to be torn between two pathways in life. He is like a lost soul and many of his vulnerable characteristics are coming to the forefront. He is incredibly adaptable and resilient and he is a born leader and his task is to balance out opposing influences in his life.

August brings a sense of direction for him and he will overcome the negativity that has been around him and he will be thinking more positive soon. He seems to be distancing himself from the situation as if he does not want to face up to what has happened. He can appear hard and insensitive on the outside, however, deep below all this lies a softness and sensitivity that makes him so special. He will realise that the success of this relationship depends largely on right thinking and continued hard work.

No matter what upheaval and challenge is in front of you there is a remarkable resilience within you. Currently you feel stuck and unable to see a way through your situation and your sadness is compounded with the difficulties experienced with your boyfriend. You will work through all this and things should start to stabilize next month. Patience must be observed and intuitive sight suggests new solutions to ongoing problems. New beginnings are forecast for you soon and after a bumpy start you will continue with a journey of a lifetime.

These examples of real psychic readings should give you an idea of what sort of information you can expect from communication over the internet. You can see that you could get just as much information from the real psychic readings over the internet as you could if you were having a reading in person.

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How To Get A True Psychic Phone Reading

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

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True Psychic Readings

I often hear people talk about true psychic readings and the usual comment is that ‘they couldn’t possibly have known that about me’ and that is what I mean when I talk about true psychic readings. A good psychic does not ask questions which could then set the pace of the reading and lead the psychic. True psychic readings are delivered with confidence and accuracy the psychic tells you and does not ask you.

True psychic readings will bring forth evidence of some kind perhaps telling you something unique about your past. I know that I deliver true psychic readings with specific information that the sitter can relate to. The information will be unique and specific to that individual and will not be generalised that it could apply to anyone.

Good psychic readings are delivered with confidentiality and integrity and bring clarity for your situation. The psychic should develop their abilities through development courses, keeping up to date on guidelines and meditation.

True psychic readings are free from the psychics own interpretation and issues and the psychic is totally focused on the client and their situation. The psychic reading should be specific to the individual, it should leave the client feeling empowered, enlightened and uplifted.You could be receiving true psychic readings through divine means without actually realising this. You may have experienced a flash of intuition for example that proved to be true. You may have had a dream that predicted something that came up in the future. Perhaps you have thought about someone and then they turned up unexpectedly or phoned you.

You could be psychic and although you may have this gift you may not know what to do with it. How far you develop your abilities or which direction you take them in is entirely up to you. The only limitations are your own physical and mental energy and the options for development are much wider than you realise. It is certainly not something that you should be rushing into you need to take stock and think about it. Once you start developing this there is no turning back there is no doubt your life will change in many ways. You will meet new people and sometimes you will learn a lot about your own spiritual destiny. You will find out what works for you and what can be possible and you will find you are drawn to different divination methods. Joining a group for meditation can be of tremendous value and the support from like minded people will help you to grow.

Once you have found your divination method you can practice on friends and family and then branch out to strangers. Your confidence will grow and then as this happens you will receive feedback from your sitters acknowledging whether you deliver your readings accurately.

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Angel Psychic Phone Reading

Monday, November 9th, 2009

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Angel Psychic Reading

People are now more open to the fact that many of us can tap into the spiritual and angelic realms and that this has always been the case. In fact the line between our world and the angelic world is becoming thinner. Angels are communicating with us frequently and they reveal themselves in different ways.

When I do an angel psychic reading my client’s often talk about a white feather that they have found which they immediately associate with the angels. You cannot explain away the presence of a white feather when there are no feather cushions, duvets or birds around.

I also hear stories of a coin appearing in a place which it could not have been dropped or placed. This usually happens when someone has asked the angels for something or have made a decision about something. This seems to be their way of saying that they are letting you know that they are working behind the scenes with your situation and they are pleased with the decision you have come to.

When I have done an angel psychic reading I have been given guidance for healing, and words of wisdom and insight. Quite often the angels give me inspiration for my own issues and people talk about the readings giving them a kick start. The angels purpose is to be with us throughout our life and to guide us when we ask.

I have noticed that when I ask my angels for some help that it may come to me in ways that I would not expect. They will almost immediately step in when you ask for help which they consider to be for the greater good of all concerned. They particularly like it when you ask for help for someone else, and I know they responded when I needed healing for my cat who could have died.

There are many different realms of angelic beings, and the most commonly known are the Archangels and I am aware of 15 of these. The Archangel who comes to me most often during a psychic angel reading is Archangel Michael and his role is to offer protection. I ask people to pray to him when they are fearful about a situation.

People often ask me how to communicate with the angels and I think that you can establish a link through regular prayer. I find meditation is a great method and also using angel cards which bring great messages which are usually uncannily accurate in timings and situations.

An angel psychic reading is an excellent way of getting your questions answered and a psychic who has experience with interpreting the cards and channelling the messages from the angels is invaluable. I often offer an angel psychic reading to people who have love related questions, or deep emotional issues, and an angel psychic reading is great for those who are seeking more understanding about the angels and their own spiritual development.

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Find A Psychic Phone Reader Online

Monday, November 9th, 2009

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Psychic Reader

I have been giving psychic readings ever since I was a young adult and this was mostly to my friends. I did not take it seriously and thought that the information I was getting was just a coincidence. It was only when I started doing psychic readings for strangers that I realised that I could be a psychic reader. My first experience of working with members of the public that I had never met before was during a holiday in Malta. It was the confirmation that I needed to become a psychic reader.

Working as a psychic reader has really opened up my world to a whole new dimension and I have met so many interesting people through my work. Working as a psychic reader offers flexibility and there are so many ways in which you can work as a psychic reader.

I have worked on the stage, on television, at psychic fairs, and corporate events. I started off giving private one to one sessions and then gradually moved into the entertainment industry giving readings at holiday camps and hotels.

A lot of the work came to me by chance and periodically I would advertise my services and I didn’t really get a great deal through advertising. A large part of my work came to me through word of mouth and once word got around that there was a new psychic reader in my area I was inundated with callers.

One of the disadvantages of working from home is that you have to keep your home clean and tidy all the time. You never know when someone wants to call round for a reading and it puts you out when sometimes they don’t turn up. I purchased a motor home and started offering my readers from this, I would meet people at the local supermarket car park. At least if they didn’t turn up then I could at least get my shopping done and I didn’t have to tidy my home.

I now offer my services as a mobile psychic reader and this is very convenient for people who want to do a party plan. This is where there are a group of people gathered together for an evening of clairvoyance. One by one they come out to the motor home which is parked in their drive and this is a great advantage if they do not have a spare room for me to work from. The motor home has generated a lot of interest and adds to the excitement of having a reading.

I also give readings over the internet where I offer email readings, sms readings, instant message readings and telephone readings. I once did a party plan reading by telephone for a large family, this worked really well.

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Get A Psychic Phone Reading Online

Monday, November 9th, 2009

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Psychic Mediums Online

The psychics mediums online will have take that special journey from recognising their psychic ability to developing skills to give readings online. People often ask me how long I have been doing readings and how did I identify and develop my ability. I am one of the psychic mediums online who offers readings by email, instant chat, telephone and sms text.

I would like to tell you a little about my personal history which has led me to bring my psychic mediums online readings. I had always been aware of a different dimension and my earliest memory was when I was five and I had an invisible friend. I believe that this invisible friend was my spirit guide who would often appear at times when I was troubled. I then went for many years without any contact from this spirit guide who was called Lee and then he started to appear again during my adult years.

I went through a major life change at the age of 29 and took my self off to University and moved away from everyone I knew. I attended a few psychic fairs and met a man who taught me the meanings of the tarot cards and we did a few psychic fairs together. My psychic world opened up when I met my Guru who as an old lady living on the sea front in Cornwall. When I look back over my years of developing my abilities which enables me to become one of the top psychic mediums online I can identify three spiritual gurus who have worked closely with me to assist me to develop my ability.

You may not be familiar with the term guru in the sense of psychic ability I would describe this as someone who has evolved and acts as a mentor, teacher and friend. They are invaluable and I could not imagine my psychic ability developing and taking the course that I have gone without these people in my life.

I attended courses and workshops and read a few biographies of well known psychic mediums. I found that reading the biographies gave me clarification that my experiences and abilities were not unique to me that other people could experience this too. It is good to have that clarification because the psychic path can often be a lonely path especially if you are one of the psychic mediums online. I can spend a whole day working as one of the psychic mediums online and yet not actually see another living soul all day.

It is important to prepare for the day ahead and I often start with a short meditation and I find music stimulates my mood. I like to have a lot of light around me and I sit in the window and tune into my psychic senses and prepare my first call of the day. I really enjoy working as part of a team of psychic mediums online as well as working as an individual through my own website.

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Get A Psychic Mediums Phone Reading

Monday, November 9th, 2009

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Psychic Mediums

Psychic mediums can work in a variety of fields because their skills are far reaching and sought after. Psychic detectives are psychic mediums and many psychic mediums do work with ghosts and haunted houses.

A psychic medium can lead a group with psychic medium evenings of ghost hunting in a well known haunted location. I have taken groups on ghost hunts and it is a truly awesome experience which you may never forget. I usually go with a team of paranormal investigators who have specialist equipment to help track the ghosts. This is very useful because if I say I feel a presence they place the equipment around me and if there is a change in the atmosphere for example temperature drop the equipment bleeps.

If you wanted to come on a ghost hunt I suggest you bring your thermals and a little torch which is worn on a headband would be an added advantage. Some people like to wear a cross or an angel which makes them feel protected and some like to wear black tops.

The evening usually starts around 7pm with a special Psychic mediums supper and then I mingle with the group and answer any questions. It is usually chit chat about experiences and getting to know my group and reassuring them about the evening. I also advise them about eating energy dense food which will assist them to keep awake since we are on the go until 5 or 6am in the morning.

I usually start off with a demonstration of psychic mediums skills such as pendulum dowsing as I use a pendulum to link in with the energies. This demonstration is usually of great interest to the group and I get them to make a pendulum and practice dowsing. Once I am out on the ghost hunt they get their pendulums out and assist with identifying changes in energy.

I also do a meditation with the group showing them how to overcome their fear, for example to imagine something like a snake or spider in front of them. I get them to imagine in their mind that they are calm and dealing with that fear. This is to prepare them for when they experience or see a ghost which quite often is inevitable.

I then explain the plan for the evening which is usually to start off outside in the grounds of the manor house. We then go into the house and split into groups to do hour long vigils in different rooms, if there are other psychic mediums each group will have one with them. After the hour we come together and discuss what we have experienced and swap rooms and we do that throughout the night.

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Psychics Mediums & Phone Reading

Monday, November 9th, 2009

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Psychics and Mediums

When I offer my readings I like to explain the difference between psychics and mediums because quite often people do not realise that there is a difference between psychics and mediums. Quite often the term psychic is used broadly to describe a range of paranormal abilities, however the emphasis is on using the intuition and the ability to link into the spirit guides. Psychics and mediums can sometimes combine their abilities and compliment a reading for example a psychic may have mediumistic skills.

Quite often when people come to me for a reading they ask for a mediumship reading and I explain that the spirits may not come through for them. I offer them a psychic mediumship reading which describes the use of both mediumistic and psychic skills to give a reading. A medium communicates with the spirits on the other side and brings through messages which are unique to the sitter. The medium works on a different vibration to that of the psychic and they are also able to connect with ghosts.

Psychics and mediums come under much scrutiny and scepticism yet there are so many people who rely on them for decisions and guidance on the future. The following paragraph shows you how a reading can really bring some comfort to people and enable them to move on with their lives.

I would like to tell you about my first mediumistic experience which came to me without conscious provocation. I was undertaking a psychic tarot reading at a psychics and mediums fayre and I had all the cards laid out in front of me for a man who told be he was looking for something specific. As I started to read the cards I became aware of a presence around me and this was of a man who had passed over. I became aware that I was no longer looking at the cards and my attention was being taken over by this man who had come through.

I started to tell the sitter that I had a man around me, and he got very excited about the news that there was someone on the other side. I was shown various objects and items which belonged to this man when he was alive. I was shown a parachute and a boat and a sports car and even landmarks such as London. As I continued with the reading I realised that what I was being shown was of immense value to my sitter. He was welling up with tears as I started to explain to him that the man on the other side was related to him.

The information that I was getting from this man did not mean anything to me and it was not for me to question this. I knew I was working as a channel which is often referred to as a medium. This means that I am the medium through which the spirits can communicate their message. I had packed away my cards and begun a conversation with my sitter about the information that I received. It transpired that my sitter had been desperately seeking out psychics and mediums hoping to get a message from his deceased son.
This was the first time that his son had come through and this was the specific information that he was seeking. The parachute had great significance to him because his son had died using a parachute which did not open. The car which I saw was still in the garage and London was connected with where he passed over.

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