Finding An Accurate Psychic

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 There are people who claim to be intuitive and there are people who are psychic. The two are not mutually always correct. Accuracy in a reading is seldom 100%. In fact if it was 100% I would look at it to find the flaws.
 The best way to find an accurate psychic is by reading the reviews of readings that have been given to a particular psychic or by word of mouth.  If you are looking for a psychic reader on line it is unlikely you will know anyone that knows them personally and can vouch for them. This is where you need to find reviews from people who have previously had readings from them. The internet is a marvelous place that enables you to search millions of data bases around the world for anyone you want to know about. By doing a search for the persons name or nickname on line you will often find reviews about their psychic readings. These give you insight into what they are like as a reader and what abilities they have. When you read the reviews do take them with a pinch of salt. Often reviews are bought items. Please give me a great review on such and such a site. I sound cynical I know, but I have been on line for many years and do know this happens. I will give you a review if you give me a reading sort of thing. See who the reviews are done by and if that name pops up again and again. If they do, discard that review.
 By far the best recommendation is from someone you actually know. Here is real time advice on the abilities of the psychic which you can take to the bank. Find out whether they stuck to the brief they were given and whether the reading was specific or general. You are looking for an intuitive that will be able to connect to you and your immediate surroundings and family members. It is no good receiving names like Uncle George or Aunt Mary. While you might well have either of the above so do 10 million other people. This could just be a stab in the dark. You need the intuitive to be able to bring through names that are unusual. Confirmation can be anything but it will mean something to you not anyone else. It could be as simple as a rubber tree when your deceased relative had a tire re-treading plant. That would mean something to you but unlikely to mean anything to anyone else.
 When you have found the psychic of your choice make sure you do not give out information if you do a review for them. Merely state they were accurate and you were happy with the reading. By putting information on the internet or in voice or text anywhere you are making it impossible for any other reader to give you that information at a later date.
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