What Is Astral Projection

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 When you astral project you are allowing you internal spirit to fly free into the psychic world. Some people also call it an out of body experience. At times this can happen spontaneously and at other there are people who have trained themselves to do it at will.
Many times people astral project during their sleep without even realizing they are doing it. When you practice doing it you can achieve it at will which can be a great exploring experience for anyone doing psychic work. Many cultures have practiced this art for centuries. Allowing the spirit to travel in an astral plane outside of the body can be achieved by practicing mediation or by sure fright. The first time I consciously did this in my adult life was during a surgical procedure. I neither trusted the doctor that was giving me the dose to put me to sleep nor was I happy with the hospital. The sum result of this was my subconscious mind decided to take over and watch over the procedure. The interesting part was I was totally correct in not believing in him and watched him making a hash of it by running out of oxygen while I was on the table. My psychic spirit was sitting in the corner ceiling observing the entire operation except for a brief time when my spirit went wandering a little further. I was brought back with a thump and the doctor that did the surgery was totally astonished when I spoke to him about what happened to me on the table. I think this was the first time I really noticed that many people do not understand the psychic world at all.
It was at this time I decided to develop this ability and learn more about it. I knew it happened to me during my sleep so it was merely a case of learning to do it at will while awake. The interesting part is when people ask how I know I do it in my sleep. I know for the very simple reason I have witnessed things in my sleep which on investigation by police more than 10000 miles away were proved to be true in exact detail. How was I brought to even talk to them about it? Well, I was allowed to overhear a word I had never heard before, and in the morning the word was still in my brain. I used a dictionary to find the meaning. The result was I talked to a policeman in that country that I knew and he investigated. This meant to me that I was able to do this and just needed to train my waking mind to do it at will. Internal psychic concentration was the key for me.
 It is perfectly possible for anyone to train themselves to do astral travel. Anyone believing in the psychic world will know that by allowing your spirit to wander you will be able to see hear and smell places all over the world.
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