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The Benefits of Clairvoyant Readings Explained

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

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  There are many benefits of clairvoyant readings such as guidance and understanding of deeper issues in our lives. To get the very best from any reading, you need to approach it with an open mind.
 Think about how our minds work; it does not take many distractions to make our minds wonder. The smallest thing – sight, sound or smell – can take us back deep in to our memories. Before you know it, it is 10 minutes or so later and we have once again enjoyed a 10 minutes sojourn into the depths of our minds. It is said we all have some level of psychic ability. A clairvoyant has practiced these skills to contact spirits, usually through meditation. As well as communicating with spirits, a clairvoyant can tune in to the vibrations from the human soul, translating these into knowledge about that person.
 How a clairvoyant uses skills to read for you
 Benefits of clairvoyant readings are many and varied but there is no doubt that you will gain most from a reading if you prepare yourself for your reading. Many clairvoyants will ask if there is anything specific you want to know or seek guidance on. Rather than being general in your reply, prepare questions and open your mind.
 Readings offer ‘second opinions’ or guidance.
 It is then down to you to take this knowledge and use it in your everyday life. Scepticism is not necessarily a bad thing; in fact, a professional clairvoyant will encourage you to question the reading. But, the benefits of clairvoyant readings will be limited if you decide that you are not going to ‘give information away’, expecting the clairvoyant to operate in a vacuum.
 A reading is far more beneficial if you feedback to the psychic.
 Choosing the time to have a reading done is also important. Many people seek readings at times of crisis, depression or other difficult times in their lives when they feel they need guidance. Seeking guidance to help through a difficult time might not focus on the topic you thought it would. Many people find that in time of financial hardship that they reading many produce messages related to relationships. Clairvoyants will not create that are not there. At difficult times, your reading may tell you some harsh truths rather than the soft message you feel you need. It is natural for you to seek guidance at difficult times, but remember the spirits will tell you what you need to know, not what you want to know. Clairvoyants want to help, not frighten people. By opening your mind and working with your clairvoyant, the benefits of clairvoyant readings will be long term. Information you did not understand at the time, will become clearer over time.
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Psychic Abilities and Clairvoyant Predictions – Using Them to Your Advantage

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

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 Have you ever wondered why some people seem more intuitive – or psychic – than others? And, why is it that some clairvoyant readings seem more apt for some people than others?
 Defining ability
 Psychic abilities are usually discussed within spiritual realms rather than science, although it does seem that some people are more ‘connected’ in terms of psychic ability. However, there is a problem here and once which cannot be easily rectified – how can we prove that one person posses more psychic ability than another?
 Can we measure it?
 Looking in to the future or analysing the past is not an exact science – some see it as someone making a series of ‘good guesses’ that just happen to hit the spot. Various tests have been developed over the years but very few people with perceived psychic ability have scored any better on these tests that those without. However, when asked to read the past, future or present situation for someone, these people have an uncanny ability to predict or pinpoint accurately the issues.
 Instinct or biological?
 Over the years the debate, no matter what new thoughts have been born, comes back full circle to the discussion that some people seem to be born psychic. This can also be referred to intuition – the ability to ‘know’ when something is right or wrong. Animals have an intuition that is as strong today as it was back in ancestral times – that is, to survive. Over the years, modernity has weakened intuition in humans and now we are guided to love someone by love rather than ‘is this the best person to continue my bloodline with’. Some people, however, appear to have kept this intuition, possessing ability, akin to psychic ability to help and guide people in their lives.
 Looking in the wrong place?
 Scientists – and sceptics – may be looking in the wrong place. We assume the psychic ability and clairvoyant readings refer to one thing – predicting the future. Rarely, those possessing a keen intuition and psychic ability are able to locate a medical complaint in someone they do not know. They may, however, be able to suggest there is an issue with someone they are familiar with. This is not just familiarity but is also a way of ‘tuning in’ to the vibrations from the human soul.
 Having a clairvoyant reading is important for some people, with the information they gain from these sessions being used to inform the decisions the make and the actions they take. No clairvoyant works in a void; they need feedback (verbal and vibration, or body language) as to the messages that they are receiving are of value to person seeking answers.
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What Are Past Life Readings

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

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 Past life readings involve a reader exploring the past life of a client through a series of visions and the use of various additional tools, such as Tarot cards, astrology or numerology, for instance, as opposed to past life regression, where an individual relives their past through hypnosis or other techniques. The clarity of these visions depends a great deal both on the reader and the person seeking their advice. While some will be clear and easily understood, others may be vague enough to require interpretation.
 While Tarot cards are generally regarded as tools of divination, an experienced reader can also use them to answer questions regarding past life experiences, in particular the ones which are having a direct impact on the present.
 Numerology, another effective tool in exploring past lives, can teach a person about their skills and talents; many also believe that numerology can identify the reasons for the existence of an individual in this particular lifetime. Others hold the belief that the time of birth of an individual relates directly to the time they have died in another, past life, in particular the one which has the most influence over their current life.
 As there is no hypnotism or any other kind of regression involved, the past life reading may be done over the phone, without leaving the comfort and security of your own home. The reader will explore your past and will then discuss his or her findings with you in order to identify their significance to you or your situation.
 Everything that happens to us, good or bad, will leave an imprint upon our minds and is likely to be reflected in the manner we react to or handle situations. Sometimes very traumatic events of a past life can result in phobias or even allergic reactions. For example, although I love swimming and have no actual fear of being in or under water in itself, a mere splashing of water into my face would cause an almost panic like reaction.
 Having received my past life reading, I found out that a previous life was ended being pushed of a bridge by a weir. It was not the fact that I drowned that remained with me, but the memory of the water splashing off the weir into my face as I was being drawn under by the currents. Knowing this has drastically reduced the panic attacks, although I must admit that I still prefer to keep my face out of the shower, just in case.
 The many reasons for individuals seeking past life readings include the feeling that something vital is missing, blocking or holding them back them in their lives, manifesting itself in misfortune. Others have problems letting go of past negative emotions or find themselves repeating negative patterns over and over. Sometimes people have unexplained difficulties regarding their relationships or careers which can not be explained in any other way and need to be examined in relation to possible past life events and experiences.
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What Are Angel Readings

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

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  Each and every one of has guiding angels, and they accompany us throughout our life’s journey. Messages from these guiding angels, as well as those from deceased loved ones, are sometimes conveyed through the use of angel cards. They will guide us towards and along the correct path and bring comfort in times of need.
 Unlike in the use of Tarot, there are no cards with negative meanings in Angel readings. Though powerful and often highly charged with emotion, they will only guide us towards the highest good through all of life’s struggles and mysteries.
 There are various ways of performing Angel readings, but there are some things they all have in common: they are done out of the true belief that we are indeed known to the angels and that they are here with us at all times; they are done personally and with the utmost respect, love and care towards both angels and the individual for whom the reading is being done and they are never negative, while at the same time being consistently accurate.
 One such example, presented to the individual seeking advice via e-mail, involves the use of 8 cards. The first three, main, cards are drawn by the medium as directed by the angels and are used to pass on messages containing information and guidance from them with regards to the present and pointing towards the future. Each one will be conveyed and interpreted in relation to the question asked.
 The fourth card, drawn from the Archangel deck (again guided by angels) will identify the Archangel who is currently with the individual seeking advice, as well as showing the colour of their aura and their purpose. This card will also indicate which type of crystal the individual ought to carry in order to tune in to angelic energy. The medium will explain in which way this particular Archangel may be helpful in the given situation.
 For this particular reading, the medium will then draw another card – the fifth for this session – this time from a unique deck of cards, containing extra, short messages specifically chosen for the day the session is being held. Again, the message will be interpreted with the seeker’s situation in mind.
 Cards 6 and 7 are then drawn from two additional decks, one indicating numbers which are or will be significant to the seeking individual or their situation and the other identifying relevant influential words and the way in which they may influence the outcome of the particular situation.
 The 8th and last card drawn will carry a quote of comfort as directed by the angels in order to bring guidance and/ or reassurance to the individual in their time of need.
 Of course there are many ways in which an Angel reading may be performed. As will all methods of divination, methods vary from medium to medium, as do the ways in which readings can be accessed – from e-mail or telephone to live chat or personal consultation.
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Get Real Clairvoyants Readings

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

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  Clairvoyant readings are performed using a branch of extra sensory perception (ESP) which allows the reader to discern information outside of the usual 5 senses. Clairvoyance (clear vision) focuses on the visual perception aspect of ESP. The reader may either “see” a situation or event being displayed in front of their eyes (often referred to as remote seeing), or visualise it internally, within their own mind. He or she usually requires his/ her mind to be perfectly relaxed in order to be able to see in such manner, and many will use various meditation techniques to enable them to connect to a person or situation. Genuine individuals will often hone their skills and talents by regular conscious practising sessions.
 An experienced clairvoyant will do their very best to make a positive, powerful soul connection for the enquiring individual, often enabling them to tap into deep insights and unexpected truths as a result. Seeing images from the past, current events and situations as well as future developments, they are able to discern details about the individual, friends or loved ones, past deeds and future hopes as well as things an individual may feel very strongly (good or bad) about.
 Many people choose clairvoyant readings because they appreciate the invaluable help objective input into a situation, especially given by a person who actually understands what is really going on, presents. Opinions of persons close to them or their situations are usually very strongly influenced one way or the other by personal feelings, often subconsciously, and it is very difficult to get objective advice in this way. Talking to someone who knows no more of the situation than what he or she is being told by the individual will again make objectivity difficult, as their knowledge is “flavoured” by the enquirers feelings and opinions. This frequently leaves people feeling unable to talk to anyone, making them feel alone and helpless.
 A good clairvoyant does not need to have any prior knowledge of their client or the circumstances surrounding them or their situation. Their information is purely gleaned from the visions they perceive and will therefore not be influenced by anyone’s feelings or emotions. This does not imply in any way that they do not care; if they did not care they would not use their gifts to help others and they will certainly perform the reading in a caring and sensitive manner. What it does mean is that they are looking into a situation from the outside, thus allowing to see every aspect, side and facet of a situation, something which is simply not possible from the inside.
 This way, a new and clearer perception of things can be passed on to the client, allowing them to put a situation into perspective and thus make more informed, better decisions. Following clairvoyant readings, many individuals have testified to not only feeling freer and much less worried, but also of “suddenly” being able to see solutions to problems previously seeming totally hopeless and apparently irresolvable.
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What Is Real Clairvoyance?

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

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  Clairvoyance, derived from a 17th Century term meaning clear vision, is a type of ESP – Extra Sensory Perception. Although often used to describe a variety of psychic abilities, such as second sight, telepathy, prophetic visions and psychic dreams, it is strictly speaking an ability to discern information about a person, object, location or event through perception other than through the usual five senses. A person gifted with this ability is called a clairvoyant – a person who sees clearly.
 In parapsychology, the term clairvoyance is used purely to describe information – both in the present time and not readily accessible to the clairvoyant – received from an external source, as opposed to telepathy, where information is transferred from one mind to another. In other words, a clairvoyant has the ability to see or visualise events, objects or persons outside the capability or range of physical sight.
 Remote viewing, usually a controlled, specific process, is a facet of clairvoyance, as is clairvoyant dreaming. For instance, a person may dream about a location they have never seen before and later find it is exactly as they had visualised it in their dream. This happened to me, for example, when I was about to start my first term at college. As I had never visited the city where the college was located, my Father offered to take me there in order to find the way from the train station to the college. Having dreamt about it the night before we went, I was able to lead him to the college along the shortest route possible, knowing exactly where and when to turn. I was even able to tell him how long it would take us to get there.
 However, outside of the field of parapsychology the term is frequently used to describe other types of paranormal, or anomalous, perception. More often than not, it is used in relation to the perception of past (retro cognition) or future (precognition) events. This is a gift many have without even realising it. To use another personal experience as an example (and I do not claim to be a clairvoyant in any way), a few years ago, a friend’s daughter had gone into hospital early in the evening to have her first child. While with a group of mutual friends around 10 PM, someone suggested we should call the hospital and find out how she was getting on. As one of them picked up the phone, I announced that a call would be wasted, as she would have a little boy in the early hours of the following morning. We called anyway and were told she was asleep as the labour had slowed. My friend informed me the next morning that her grandson was born at 5:30 AM. Frequently, mediums will also refer to the perception of images perceived during communication with spirits as clairvoyance. In any case, clairvoyance is a precious gift which can and should be used in order to help and guide others.
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Real Clairvoyants

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

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 When a name goes to clairvoyant then the people clearly want to get a genuine and not counterfeit one. A few of the psychics have ‘guides.’ A show will be competent to let know the real clairvoyants information they will pass on. A person may be bit protected at primary when a person goes to observe real clairvoyant but respite guaranteed that a person will almost immediately be tranquil and at effortlessness. A real clairvoyant is talented to interpret the outlook and offer the person precise facts regarding what are up coming for a person. At first a person may not consider the fact is factual, but after sometime, in particular if a person has reserved notes on reading, then he will notice the things they said.
 If a clairvoyant does not tell you what you wish does not mean he is a real clairvoyant. The clairvoyants are always present to provide guidance on the up coming matters and also give deals. A person always has options and the real clairvoyants can show hose options. If a person wishes to get a reading from a clairvoyant; he should opt for the one recommended by friends.
 If a person cannot look for a clairvoyant who is recommended by the family members or friends, then he or she must hunt for a web page and chose a reader. Once a person likes a clairvoyant and gets an impression from the reviews of people that he is one of the real clairvoyants then asks them for a reading. Once a person has paid then he or she will be owed a certain time to spend with a clairvoyant.  A person then gets to inquire a few questions and he or she be supposed to be given a few helpful answers. If helps is in advance a person takes along with him a catalog of the queries that he or she wants to ask. Inhabitants get so wedged up in a clairvoyant reading that their minds from time to time go vacant and they fail to remember to inquire something actually imperative to them, so for ever and a day make a record ahead of time.
 A person will more likely have an online psychic reading. Whichever a person chooses will be well. The real clairvoyant will attach with the person and then the reader should be capable to provide some information regarding what is up coming in the near future. A person will be astonished at how precise the knowledge is provided by the clairvoyant. A person is supposed to come after the reading emotion that a person has had. A few valuable answers to the person’s queries and sense guaranteed that a person is pretty accomplished of categorization of problems that might pop up. Once a person has got himself a real clairvoyant, then makes note of the website and then keeps it secure. This is for the reason that a person will probably want to focus with them another time for an additional reading.
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Real clairvoyant

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

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  There are many people all over the world who have the gift of fortune telling. These people are able to tell others about what to expect in their futures and know exactly when what will take place. These people are known as clairvoyants. When visiting a clairvoyant, there is no doubt that anyone would want one who is respectable and one is a real clairvoyant rather than someone who is not aware of how the process works.
 When going to see a real clairvoyant, many people are quite apprehensive however once into the session, many begin to feel relaxed and comfortable. What a clairvoyant does is that he/she gives a person details about their future. This is because clairvoyants have the ability to see the future and with this ability they are able to help others. Most people do not believe what clairvoyants tell them at the beginning. However as time passes by, many realize that what was told to them does indeed come true.
 One of the better things about real clairvoyants is that they do not provide their clients with any bad information; that is just not what they do. Instead, they provide people who come to them with guidance and help them deal in the best possible way with things which are up coming in their future. They are able to guide people as to what the best option is amongst all the available ones. One of the very important things about visiting a clairvoyant is that you should make sure that the one you are visiting has been recommended to you by someone you trust.
 There are many real clairvoyants who can be found through the internet as well. Many websites are available which help people in getting the service which they are looking for. Most of these clairvoyants will charge money for their services but the services which they provide is worth the money.
 The readings provided by a real clairvoyant are generally carried out through the phone or by an online method. Either way is safe and can be trusted. The way real clairvoyants work is that they connect with their clients and are then able to provide specific information about the near as well as late future and how he/she should deal with these events.
 Despite many people not being able to trust clairvoyants, the information which they provide tends to be quite accurate. Many people feel very much assured about what they learn after their reading. This gives them the ability to be able to deal with any problems which they might encounter in the future. Once you have found a real clairvoyant whom you think is trustworthy and accurate with the results provided, you should keep a note of them in case you would like to contact them once more. Most people tend to contact clairvoyants often with problems they face in their lives. This is because they feel they need a solution for their problems and a feeling of assurance which these people provide.
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Real Clairvoyants

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

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  When someone visits a clairvoyant then they obviously want to have a real one and not a fake one. Some of the clairvoyants have what they call ‘guides.’ A guide will be able to tell the clairvoyant information that they will then pass onto you.
 You may be a bit guarded at first when you go to see a real clairvoyant but rest assured that you will soon be relaxed and at ease. A clairvoyant is able to read the future and give you specific details about what is coming up for you. At first you may not think that this is true, but after a while, especially if you have kept notes on the reading, then you will see that the things that they have said, start to happen.
 They should never give you bad news as that is not what a real clairvoyant is about. They are there to give you guidance on what is coming up and the best way to deal with it. You always have options and they can point out the options that will be available to you. If you have thought about have a reading done by a clairvoyant then first of all make sure that you have one that has been recommended by either friends or family.
 If you cannot find one that has been recommended, then log onto some websites and pick one that you like the look of. You will be guided to the right one for you in the end. Once you like the look of someone and the type of readings that they perform then you will have to pay for your reading. Once you have paid then you will be allocated a certain amount of time with the clairvoyant.
 You then get to ask some questions and you should be given some useful answers. If helps if beforehand you take along a list of the questions that you want to ask so you don’t forget, as this happens quite a lot. People get so caught up in the reading that they minds sometimes go blank and they forget to ask something really important to them, so always make a list beforehand.
 You will more than likely have either an online reading or a reading by phone. Whichever you choose will be fine, there is no difference either way. The clairvoyant will connect with you and then they should be able to give you some information about what is coming up in the near and not so near future.
 You will be surprised at just how accurate the information is that the clairvoyant can give out. You should come away after your reading feeling that you have had some worthwhile answers to your questions and feel assured that you are quite capable of sorting any problems that may pop up in the future.
 Once you have got yourself a real clairvoyant, then make a note of their website or phone number and keep it safe. This is because you will possibly want to get in touch with them again for another reading at some point.
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Psychic Clairvoyants

Monday, December 13th, 2010

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 A psychic clairvoyant is someone who can give you a reading about yourself and tell you all about your past and present and future. A psychic has the ability to be able to tune into you and know what is going on in your life and can be very accurate. They are usually caring and sympathetic people who want to do good and help you with their abilities.
 A psychic clairvoyant does not need to know anything about you in order to give you an accurate reading but it does help if they have some idea of the person that you are and how you react to situations. This is because they can then know how you will feel and how you will react when they tell you something.
 The psychic reader will give you a reading that is in depth, as once you know that something is coming up for you then you are more prepared to deal with it. A psychic clairvoyant is someone who is there to help you with any issues you have around you and they can help you in many different ways.
 Live readings are the best kind to have as you can both get to know each other a little more as time goes by and if you talk to your clairvoyant on a regular basis it will seem that they are almost a friend and that you can ask them anything. A psychic clairvoyant will often surprise you when they tell you things about your life, things that you may not have told anyone.
 It may seem strange at first to talk to someone who doesn’t know you but after a while you will relax and feel more confident with the psychic. It is strange when someone you don’t know, knows so much about you, but after a while you will get used to it. It is best for you if you can be relaxed when you have the reading as this always helps the psychic give you better information.
 A psychic can pick up when you have built a wall up around yourself and don’t really want to talk, so it is much better if you have confidence in the psychic and then the reading should flow. A psychic would never want to upset you or offend you so you can rest assured that you should only get a good and honest reading and nothing scary should ever be said. That is not the way a genuine psychic works.
 They may inform you when you have some sort of challenge coming up in the future but they will always try not to be negative. The clairvoyant should always end the reading on a positive note. So if you are thinking about having a reading done from a psychic clairvoyant then try to be relaxed and open and you should get a very accurate and detailed reading that you will remember for a long time to come!
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