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What is Reiki?

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

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 Reiki is the teaching of the Japanese holistic ideas. There are a few differences between the Japanese and Western versions although it is really just a difference in the way things are done. One thing is that the western version doesn’t practice breathing techniques. With this practice you sit straight up in a chair and breathe in and out through the nose. At that time the energy enters through the top of the head. Another difference between the two is the ways of treatment. In traditional Japanese people go to meetings every week and meditation work is done on separate parts, as with western the healing is usually done as on the whole body. Also in western application there are three degrees or levels.
 The first Reiki Degree course can be varied on the teacher. Some teachers have two classes over a two day period. Other teachers have four sessions spread over an extended period. They are taught meditation and hand placement for healing. At that time they can heal themselves and others. In the second degree students learn the use of symbols to enhance the connection between the healer and recipient. The use of these symbols helps to do the healing over distance and time. You can heal people without being with them. In Japan it has been known to take ten to twenty years to attain the second degree. It is dependent on the teacher. Most people do not make it to the third level. In Reiki, there is always learning involved. As with the third degree, there is a time that it takes to study and practice. It depends on the teacher as to how long it takes to attain third degree status. I could be a day or a year or more. When you are obtaining the third degree you are given another symbol.
 It is thought that Reiki healing is used on the front and back of the body equally. It is usually started at the head and neck and then the other parts of the body. Reiki does not use medicine or instruments but feeling, blowing, tapping, and massaging. It is a practice that uses the energies that surround all of us always. Many western practitioners usually use a standard twelve position for whole body healing. The recipient is asked to lay down when this is being done. The hands are usually held at each position for five minutes. Some people say that they get a warm feeling where the treatment is being applied. There is also a hands off treatment that the hands are held as few centimeters away from the recipient. There is really no governing board for Reiki practitioners but there are organizations that want to standardize Reiki practices. If that should happen the Practice might be under government regulation and that could be a fatal blow the practitoners of today and of the future.
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What Is Astral Projection

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

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 The concept of astral travel, or projection, has been observed for many thousands of years, dating all the way back to ancient China and is today frequently associated with New Age beliefs and systems.
 Generally, it can be described as the conscious mind or spirit leaving the body, either to travel to distant places, times or different planes of existence altogether. As a rule, the traveller will remain attached to his or her physical body via an umbilical type silver cord and some people can see this cord while travelling.
 Regarded as a so called out of body (OBE or OOBE) experience and accessible either awake, during sleep in vivid dreams or through deep meditations, some individuals have a natural ability to achieve astral projection while others are too afraid to consider leaving their physical body and thus never learn how to do this. 
 There seems to be no real clarity as to whether every physical body has its own astral counterpart or whether projection is the result of a spirit incarnated into a physical body. A third possibility is that its nature depends on something, as yet undefined, entirely different. It does, however, touch on and raise thoughts regarding life and what happens after the physical death of a person.
 As it is, there are two major schools of thought regarding its nature. One, the Phasing Model, believes that it is not really possible to actually leave one’s body and that various planes are in fact merely points along the wide spectrum of consciousness. A person projecting is actually phasing into another section of consciousness and varying locations contained therein, a little like a radio being tuned to another station. This point of view can be regarded as a logical follow up of the philosophy stating that all external reality is in fact a state created internally.
 In the Mystical Model, the other school of thought (subject of many different belief systems), it is believed that travel does indeed take place outside and away from the body, by a subtle energy body carrying an individuals consciousness away from their physical body.
 Either way, travellers will usually find themselves on the so called astral plane, a region appearing real and being comparable to the “other worlds” often described in ancient traditions. Environments experienced here may be anything from apparently natural to abstract, from beautiful to horrifying and from populated to completely void of any kind of “life”. It is possible to travel from one location or realm to another and frequently our physical laws don’t apply, enabling travellers to fly or float. They may also be able to experience visions relating to the past or even the future, as time seems to be as obsolete here as space itself is. How this is possible, or how anything can occur in sequence without time and space being present is another question altogether and no one has as yet been able to answer this, it does seem, however, to function quite well.
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